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Timeline and information

On the 19th of March, the governor of California announced a statewide order to everyone in his state to stay at home. One day earlier, the country closed its northern border with Canada.

Traveling from the European Union and other corona-affected countries like China, South Korea, and Iran is not possible until the 6th of April. The travel ban had been introduced by Trump to prevent more cases from entering the United States.

However, there is still no lockdown and most businesses remain open. On Tuesday, March 24, the United States reported a record of 160 deaths on a single day as a result of the coronavirus.

On the same day, Trump told reported during a press conference in the White House that he wants the country up and running again by Easter. It is not known at the time if that date would be possible to reach, as every day new cases are being reported in the US. He received a lot of criticism, as experts predicted this date is not possible if you want to contain the virus.

New York

Most cases have been reported in the State of New York and on March 25, Trump asked all citizens who traveled to New York City in the last two weeks to go into self-quarantine. Three days later the United States became the country with the most reported cases of COVID-19. The number of people who died because of the virus increased to 2,000.

That urged the Trump administration to ask all citizens of the States New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, to refrain from domestic travel for the next two weeks. Most infections have been reported there and a self-isolation of these States could help to contain the virus.

Trump told reporters earlier last week that he wanted to see the country going back to business as usual as early as Easter, April 12.

Later during a press conference on March 29, the President told reporters that this date was just aspirational and will not be possible anymore. He then extended his social-distancing guidelines until at least April 30.

National Parks

Several National Parks in the United States have closed their doors indefinitely due to the coronavirus, including the Grand Canyon on April 1. Many, however, remain open, making it harder to maintain social distancing. Footage obtained by CBS News shows hundreds of people - including tour buses - arriving at tourist hotspots.

On April 2, Mayor for the city of New York Bill de Blasio urged all its residents to wear face-covering masks when they go outside. De Blasio stated it would help to mitigate the spread of the virus in the heavily affected city.

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President Trump on Saturday urged all people in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, to prevent non-essential domestic travel for the next two weeks. These States have taken the hardest hit in the spread of the coronavirus in the country. The United States has the most reported COVID-19 infections in the world now, with over 2,000 deaths already.


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