Vince 't Jolle (46) broadcasts a live radio show from his house during the lockdown

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Most people only have to use a laptop to work from home, but Vince 't Jolle (46) from Belgium decided to take his whole radio studio home to be able to make his radio show.

By Dominic Schep

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Vince 't Jolle broadcasts live from his living room [Personal Archive]

't Jolle lives in Brasschaat in the Flemish part of Belgium and works as a full-time deejay and radio host. Because of the lockdown imposed by his government, he lost all his deejay bookings until the end of April and as a result of that also his income.

Luckily for 't Jolle, he can still make a radio show for Radio Park FM, as he decided to take the radio studio home to start broadcasting live from his living room.

How did you come up with the idea to broadcast from your house?

I was informed by someone that a lockdown of Belgium was coming up soon. I anticipated this worst-case scenario and before the lockdown was introduced, I already built the studio in my living room. In case we were not allowed to go out anymore, I could at least continue my show for my listeners and keep them well informed during this period.

Does it feel different to make a radio show from your house?

It is nice, but it has its downsides too. Making a radio show from your own house keeps me busy, but with kids running around makes it also difficult sometimes. You are constantly with other people and I have to get used to that. The good thing is that we as a family get to spend more time together.

Do you get a lot of responses from listeners and are people more worried about the lockdown?

We see a big increase in the number of messages and responses we get from listeners. People are continuously looking for clarity in their local communities, something they do not always get from national media. With Radio Park FM, we try to inform our listeners with local information.

Vince 't Jolle in his home studio

Vince 't Jolle in his home studio [Personal Archive]

What kind of measures did the government of Belgium impose so far?

A so-called lockdown 'light': we have to maintain a social distance to other people and we have to stay inside as much as we can. They closed all schools and non-essential businesses, like restaurants and bars. We can only do take-out meals and we are not allowed to gather with other people except your own family.

They also closed the borders with our neighbors and people from outside Belgium are only allowed to enter the country if they have a valid reason, for example, if they work here. 

Belgians returning from other countries have to go into a 14-day quarantine.

How do you feel Belgium is dealing with the coronacrisis?

According to the international press, "we" are doing a good job. Personally, I feel that there is a lot of confusion about the imposed restrictions. The government is changing the rules too many times.

How long would you like to continue making a radio show like this?

As long as it is fun. If the situation takes too long then I have to come up with something else to keep it interesting for the people.

There will be a time when everyone is really done with the news about the coronavirus and I have to keep the show interesting.

Residents of the Antwerp region can listen to 't Jolle on 106.3 FM and 105.6 FM. People outside this region can download their mobile application or visit

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