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The European Union had banned all non-essential travel from outside the Schengen zone for the next 30 days as of March 18. Slovenia is part of Schengen and approved this new temporary measure. If you are not an EU-citizen, traveling to Slovenia will no longer be possible.

With the new measures in place, European leaders try to stop the spreading of the coronavirus. Traveling between Schengen countries is still possible, however, some countries closed the borders to their neighbors as well.

On March 24, the Slovenian government announced they will introduce health checks on its border with Austria, after imposing a similar measure on the border with Italy.

Only people who can show a medical certificate showing they tested negative for the coronavirus within the past three days are allowed access into the country.

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Flag of Slovenia Slovenia

Capital Ljubljana
Time In Capital
Population 2,1 million (2019)

Current Restriction Level: Extreme

Last validated on March 28, 2020:

24 March: Slovenia has introduced health checks on the border with Austria.


Confirmed Cases


Reported Deaths
Latest update April 05, 2020 [Source]

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