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Timeline and information

On March 21, the president of Mozambique announced they will put anyone entering the country into a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine as of today. In addition, Mozambique also closed down all private and public schools and temporarily suspends the issuance of visas.

Any event of 50 or more people is being canceled. All of these measures will be imposed for the next 30 days.

On April 1, Mozambique went into a state of emergency. This means quarantine will be mandatory for anyone that entered the country in the last two weeks, including citizens returning from abroad.

People who have been in contact with others that are infected by the COVID-19 virus also have to go into an obligatory self-quarantine.

Disclaimer: We are publishing information verified by multiple local news organizations and press releases and/or conferences by governments. We will always verify and try to double-check all restrictions. Information and rules are changing rapidly and could be already outdated by the time you read this. Check always with your own government before intending to go abroad. All information published on this page is how it would affect travelers and tourism in Mozambique. Please support us by contacting us when things have changed.

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Flag of Mozambique Mozambique

Capital Maputo
Time In Capital
Population 29,5 million (2018)

Current Restriction Level: High

Last validated on April 01, 2020:

1 April: As of today, Mozambique is under a state of emergency. Law enforcement gets more power to make sure people are complying with their mandatory 14-day self-quarantine after entering the country.


Confirmed Cases


Reported Deaths
Latest update April 05, 2020 [Source]

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We increased the level of restrictions of Mozambique from Unknown to High [..]

March 24, 2020

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