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Alessandro Iacono (19) traveled days in a row to finally get home
Stuck in Canada
Alessandro Iacono (19) traveled five days to get back to Italy: 'I got stopped by the police all the time'

Alessandro Iacono decided to travel back from his seasonal work job in Canada to his home town in Italy. The whole trip took him over five days.

Vince 't Jolle broadcasts live from his living room
Living room radio
Vince 't Jolle (46) broadcasts a live radio show from his house during the lockdown

Most people only have to use a laptop to work from home, but Vince 't Jolle (46) from Belgium decided to take his whole radio studio home to be able to make his radio show.

Marjon van Blooijs lives in Madagascar
Marjon van Blooijs (28) lives in Madagascar: 'Hunger is gonna cause the most trouble here'

Marjon van Blooijs (28) from The Netherlands is residing in Madagascar at the moment. "We hear different news all the time from the government."


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